Grapefruit Detox / Skin Revive Face Wash 150ml

Grapefruit Detox / Skin Revive Face Wash 150ml

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Grapefruit Detox Super Skin Food Revive Face Wash 

When your skin is dull and lifeless, you just need a skin pick up. Damage from your everyday environment, lack of fluid in-take, unhealthy diet and smoking all contribute to dull and lifeless skin.

With a combination of all-natural botanical ingredients and essential oils, the detox formula uses Grapefruit to encourage healthy blood circulation within your facial skin and remove bacteria from your skins pores,  it helps fight the negative effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution and UV light damage, whilst providing natural moisturisation to leave you with a clear, vibrant glow.

  • Suitable for all ages and genders
  • Helps to regulate the skins sebum levels,
  • maintains the skins moisture and vitality
  • refreshing and stimulating