BAOBAB Hair Mask 300g
BAOBAB Hair Mask 300g

BAOBAB Hair Mask 300g

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All hair textures can benefit from a hair mask. As many of us can fall into bad habits; experimenting with colour, chemicals, heat styling and damaging hairstyles – all which leave tresses in need of repair and healing.

This Baobab Hair Mask, a superior intensive conditioner which can breathe life into thirsty, ravaged strands. Used regularly is crucial for keeping your hair in check. A normal conditioner is great for providing temporary smoothness and moisture, but is designed to work mostly on the surface of the hair. Hair masks, however, typically contain ingredients which can penetrate the cuticle layer nourishing beneath the hair surface and delivering longer-lasting conditioning.

  • Moisturizes dry hair and scalp
  • Readily absorbed deep into the hair follicles
  • Nutrient rich hair mask
  • Induces hair growth, especially in the case of baldness
  • Treats dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Intensive hair repair
  • Protection from pollution and UV rays
  • Nongreasy hair mask
  • Makes hair glossier with an excellent shine
  • Increases the elasticity of your locks

For chronically damaged hair.