Burdock Root - 100% Organic - Blood purification/Detox/Acne/Eczema

Burdock Root - 100% Organic - Blood purification/Detox/Acne/Eczema

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Soil AssociationIngredients: 100% Burdock (Root)
Botanical Names: Arctium lappa

One of the most common traditional uses for burdock root has been to purify the blood. Its ability to increase circulation to the skin and to detoxify the epidermal tissues makes it suitable also in treating a wide range of skin conditions such as carbuncles, eczema, abscesses, psoriasis, and acne. This herb is believed to be effective in fighting bacteria and fungus.

Therapeutic benefits:

  • Removes toxins from the blood
  • inhibit some types of cancer
  • Help treat skin issues
  • fights bacteria and fungus

Suggested Use:  once-daily tonic brew in the morning or evening - 1 tablespoon full of the blend and steeps in a tea-infuser or cup of boiling water for 5 -10 minutes. 


Burdock root is a natural diuretic, so you shouldn’t take it if you’re dehydrated. You also shouldn’t take it if you’re taking other diuretics or water pills.

This product has been tested for pesticides, artificial fertilisers, heavy metals, e.coli, yeast, mould, salmonella and foreign matter. This product contains no bulking agents, added sugar, palm oil or GMO