Pure Banana Powder - 100% Natural - Organic
Pure Banana Powder - 100% Natural - Organic

Pure Banana Powder - 100% Natural - Organic

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Soil AssociationIngredients: 100% Banana
Country of Origin: Ecuador
Botanical Name: Musa acuminata – Other Names: Banana, Bananier Nain, Canbur, Curro

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The earliest uses for banana powder in its dry form was to add to the diets of babies to make milk supplements. Today, the most common use of Banana fruit powder is in the forms of highlighting makeup, allowing the skin tone to appear healthy and beautiful. It is further evolving to be included in the diets of many for its high carbohydrate and calorie content. It is an integral superfood that makes a fantastic part of a healthy diet as well as cultivating a healthy and glowing skin.

  • Vitamins: A, B, B6, B9, C and E
  • Minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc
  • natural folic acid
  • Potassium, Protein, Fibre and Carbohydrates

Suggested Use:

Mix 1 – 2 teaspoons with juice, yoghurt or add to your favourite smoothie. Use to add flavour and nutrition to baked goods, pudding, raw desserts, and drinks, this banana powder is especially good in banana bread.

This pure and organic banana powder also works wonders as a rejuvenating face mask. Just mix with a little bit of plain yoghurt or with bentonite clay and water, spread on to your face and leave to dry for a few minutes then wash off – your skin will thank you!

Other similar products to take a look at are mango, baobab, and maca powder. 

This product has been tested for pesticides, artificial fertilisers, heavy metals, e.coli, yeast, mould, salmonella and foreign matter. This product contains no bulking agents, added sugar, palm oil or GMO.