About Us

ITOFAN, which means 'we are most beautiful when we are ourselves...naturally' was established to provide high quality natural products, join the conservation of the natural habitat of our raw ingredients by supporting ecological agriculture and promote grassroot health care.

We believe that sharing the knowledge about the medicinal, ecological, economic, and spiritual benefits of plants is key to avoid their destruction by deforestation and create an income substitution to the local populations. By passing on this knowledge, we not only empower other kindred spirits by shifting the notion that grassroot healthcare is solely 'cheap remedy for the Masses', we help to preserve traditional and indigenous ethnobotanical knowledge which allow the local communities to assure the delicate balance of a thousand-year-old, unique biodiversity, with all its benefits. If this knowledge is lost in one part of the world, then it is lost for all of us who share this planet Earth.

By paying a fair price directly to them and not going through intermediaries, we are helping to uplift remote and impoverished communities as we preserve and protect the Earth and her treasures.

Therefore, wherever you are on your holistic journey...Welcome! Here at ITOFAN Natural Health & Remedies, we are passionate, and whether you're a Wellness advocate, a natural health care enthusiast looking to expand or start your own brand, or just a person concerned about what you're putting on or inside your body, you're in the right place. We aim to offer natural ingredients and products you can trust and sharing knowledge from authentic world traditions.

We have learnt from personal experience what can happen when we neglect our body and personal wellbeing. We are endeavouring to use natural products and remedies to help our bodies function correctly, and we share this information and products to help others to achieve the same results.